Hey everyone.
Yesterday I didn't write because we had anniversary with my boyfriend,so today I will write two.

5.What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

I'm listening to music right now,it heals my heart.

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I'm listening Fix a heart by Demi Lovato rightn now

2.Ride motorcycle
So I got my driving licence for motorcycle yesterday so I been today.

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3.A hug from my dad and be with him.
It's always make me happy and gime me strengthno matter how old I am. Okay it doesn't happen right now but it could make me happy.

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4.I can rest.
My last week was tiring and my next week will too,so I'm glad I can finally relax.

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Okay so we have cats and I like play with them and cuddle them.

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So this was it. You may thouth I writhe things like my family and ect. but it's kinda comlicated right now.
Thank you for reading this.