Hello Hearters,

I love flowers so today I want to share whit you my passion.
Every flower has a precise meaning.

Do you know the meanings of the colors of the roses?

Let's discover them together.

- Red Rose

colors, girl, and red image amore, girl, and red image
The red rose symbolizes passion and love

- Orange Rose

rose, flowers, and aesthetic image flowers, orange, and rose image
The orange rose represents charm and beauty.

- White Rose

colors, girl, and white image flowers, rose, and white image
The white rose symbolizes innocence, pure and spiritual love.

- Pink Rose

flowers, rose, and pink image flowers, rose, and pink image
The pink rose represents friendship. Give it to your dear friend, as a sign of affection.

- Blue Rose

flowers, blue, and rose image Image removed
The blue rose has become famous for the song, represents mystery and wisdom.

- Yellow Rose

yellow, flowers, and rose image yellow, flowers, and rose image
The Yellow rose has the most cheerful color is a symbol of vivacity, but also of jealousy.

- Coral Rose

colors, girl, and flowers image colors, girl, and coral rose image
The coral rose is a symbol of desire, desire, desire!

- Musky Rose

flowers, girl, and rose image flowers, girl, and pink image
The musky rose is perfect for a capricious beauty.

- Carnicina Rose

girl, pink, and rose image flowers, girl, and pink image
D you want to keep a secret? This is the perfect color.

If you like it, HEART IT!

with love, Marika.