apologies for not writing in like a decade, I promise this article is worth the time I have procrastinated in...

anyways, one of your beautiful souls recommended this @Livingorloving (I am working on other recommendations as well but I decided to post this first) I really hope you like some tips and non-hacky stuff that I think will help us to nourish and grow ourselves consciously and knowingly, and to be more grateful of who we are and be AWARE of :our current self, what are we becoming, what is affecting that.

to begin with, I'd like to say that I am no more experienced than most of you, yet I feel like it needs zero experience to be self-aware. such things are never connected to age, experience, religion, ...

so to feel more self-aware you might try these tips;


sometimes you really don't know how you feel. that's because you might have experienced many emotions and events that were a pressure to you. you probably kept it in your mind until it got all tired and can't handle all that mess anymore

if so, you have to take it all out and identify their reasons, effects, and ways to get rid of the bad emotions, some good ways are;

-talk to someone who makes you feel comfortable
-record yourself ( it's not a must to listen to it )
-write it all down
-sing it(really helps)
-play on an instrument

you might also want to join the gym or start doing a sport/ hobby you like (horseback riding, tai chi, yoga, boxing, reading ...) to let out the negative energy from your body, soul, and mind.

this will help you clear your mind from unwanted thoughts and feelings to focus on what's important.

according to the Chinese saying;''every piece of wood can become a Buddha, just remove the extra parts'', we think we need to acquire more skills and experience to achieve our goals ,but in reality we might have them already in us but we're too busy by other toxic and unwanted thoughts and feelings that had blocked your vision and focus.

still, know that you need to not rush because the more you rush the less it will affect it. you need to go with your own pace in your own way.

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something I had learned from being a Muslim my whole life is the more I stick and respect my noble values the more I will feel and be respected by others, yet some people do confuse between values and borders.

something we all need to know is that values such as religion, personal beliefs, and cultural believe never run against freedom. so if you have positive believes your simply building a safe way for you to start building the life that you want. you're putting no past judgments, no rules.

for example, one belief that I was raised to as a Muslim is that smiling in front of anyone( even strangers) is counted as a good deed that you're rewarded for ( and you'll see its blessings in your day and life; it might also prevent a bad event to happen to you). whenever I remember this I feel amazed at how it's important and life-changing is to give love, happiness, and positive energy to people whom you might or might not even know. this way I intended to smile as much as possible to spread positivity and to eliminate negative energy from me and the people in my zone.

when you put values and really stick to them in your life it will be much clearer who you are and what you really want . these beliefs must be based on you and only you. it also takes a long turn and some events and experiences with people and life to build real beliefs that you value and stick to.

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as much self-help books, articles, tv shows, movies,... you watch/listen/ read to discover how to be more self-aware you won't really make it until you will find it your own way. you know yourself best, just listen to yourself, sit down in a quiet place, worry about nothing, turn everything off, and swim in all of your thoughts to know an clearly identify the great person whom you are; those are some question that might help you to explore yourself in the best way:

-what is on my mind?
-what is something I frequently think about?
-what are 50 things I am good at/proud of in myself?
-what is something so important to me that if it disappeared my life will completely change? ( you can imagine as much things/ people)
-what would happen if it did?
-if I went to another place and started my life alone from zero, how would it be? ( visualize how it will look like in details with no past judgments, just like how you want it to be)
-what is there something so toxic in my life that if it will disappear my life will change completely? (imagine as many things/people)
-what is the thing that makes me different from others? (only positively)


so yes guys this has probably taken me 2 days to write(although I didn't include much tips; I promise I will add more), I hope you liked it and if you have more tips and exercises that actually worked with you plz feel free to share it with me; plus check my page for more articles you'll like(hopefully) <33