List of five things that make you happy

5. My privacy

Some people can't wait for the weekend to hit the town,get drunk but not me. I like to be alone,i like to stay up all night listening music or watching tv show. I get really mad if someone disturb me. Some time i'm hit by anxiety but i like myself in that mood because my best writing come from anxiety.

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4. TV shows

i can't watch long enough. I'm type of girl who watch whole season in one night. TVD, The original, Game of thrones, The Reign... there are so many of them

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3. Music

Nothing can make me happy or sad like music. I love hip hop, pop and little bit of rock music.

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2. Travels

I'm person of adventure,i like new towns,countries and if i could a i would like to travel all over the world. Meet new friends is always fun

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1. My boyfriend

His name is Nikola,and he is my big and only love. My whole life i'v been fantasize about this perfect guy with dark hair and eyes,to love me and respect me,take care of me, and save me from everybody. And i have him now

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