Name: Bianca Zúñiga
Birthday: 24 April


eyes, aesthetic, and eye image Image by tenderlygirl stoker, Mia Wasikowska, and movie image tattoo and flowers image aesthetic image Temporarily removed


Mature image aesthetic, loner, and grunge image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed remember me and robert patti̇nson image photography, black, and coffee image


witch, aesthetic, and dark image Image by loofdaemon Temporarily removed Image by Swanni Stötzge green, jewelry, and rings image slytherin, green, and harry potter image


slytherin, harry potter, and hogwarts image Temporarily removed serpent, snake, and slytherin image aesthetic and fire image Image removed slytherin image

Blood Status:

harry potter and muggleborn image Abusive image


harry potter and hogwarts image Image by loofdaemon gif image dark and ghost image

Favourite Class:

harry potter, hogwarts, and magic image harry potter image dragon and aesthetic image harry potter and hagrid image

Wand & Favourite Spells:

harry potter, spell, and incendio image film, harry potter, and light image harry potter, wand, and aesthetic image harry potter, spell, and charm image


Temporarily removed cat, cute, and girl image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Amortentia Scent:

water, nature, and summer image Image by t Image by Maria rain, words, and petrichor image


harry potter, luna lovegood, and luna image harry potter, fred weasley, and ron weasley image daniel radcliffe, emma watson, and gif image harry potter and remus lupin image


harry potter, draco malfoy, and slytherin image slytherin, harry potter, and draco malfoy image Image by cecilia ❤ malfoy, harry potter, and slytherin image art, couple, and dancing image aesthetic, couple, and dark image