Vans shoes aren't that cheap, so you don’t want to waste your money on anything less than the real article. You should closely inspect everything from the packaging to the logo to the shoe design. If possible, compare the shoes to a pair that you know are real.

1. Check the price ❤️

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Vans are almost always at least $40 per pair. If someone is selling new Vans for less than that, they are likely fake.

2. Check for package paper ❤️

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There should be paper inside the box to protect the shoes from getting scuffed up. If there is no paper, the shoes are likely fake.

3. See if the box closes correctly ❤️

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Even the boxes on Vans shoes are well made. There should be a locking mechanism. A tab on the top of the box will be inserted on the inside of the box, holding it closed.
Cheap imitations often have no locking mechanism. The top will drape over the bottom of the box, with nothing holding it in place.

4. Compare paper tags ❤️

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Each pair of Vans shoes should come with a paper tag tied on to it, sporting the company logo. If you have a real pair on hand, compare the size and font of the paper tags. Fake Vans will often have bigger paper tags.

5. Look for three trademarks ❤️

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There should be a trademark made of paper on the side of the shoe. There should be another, printed on the plastic on the back of the shoe. There should be one last trademark on the insole.

6. Look for a dark, well-made logo on the insole ❤️

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On many fake Vans' shoes, the logo on the insole will be faded. The real one will be well colored in, bright, and easy to read.

7. Check the bottom pattern on the sole ❤️

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Real Vans have an interlocking patterns of two different shapes: rhomboids and diamonds. There should be a three letter country code printed in one of the rhomboids.
The three letter country code should correspond to a code on the sticker on the inside of the box.

8. Check the rubber collar on the toe ❤️

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Vans shoes have a rubber collar on the toe that protects it from wear and tear. Whereas the rest of the rubber will be smooth, the toe will have a rough texture. If there is not much of a pattern on the toe, then the shoes might be fake.

There should also be a slight gap between the rubber collar and the cloth of the shoe. That gap will be composed of a small layer of smooth plastic, like that around the rest of the shoe. On many fake Vans, the rubber collar will extend all the way to the cloth, with no gap.
Compare the rubber collar to a pair that you know is real. The texture should be similar.

9. Check the angle of the toes ❤️

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The shoes should bend up slightly, so that the toes face up. If the bottom on the shoes is flat, the shoes are likely fake

10. Check that the toes bend ❤️

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The toes should be bendable. You should be able to press on the heel and the toe, so that the back and front of the shoe touch. If the shoes are stiff, they're fake.

11. Feel for firm laces ❤️

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The laces on the shoes should be firm to the touch. Fake shoes will often have very soft laces.

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