"Why me?" I asked.

And you just shrugged, "because you were there, because I was lonely, because back then I didn't give a damn if I ended up causing you pain, because I'm a selfish bastard who cares about nothing other than my own happiness, because I loved her and she slipped through my fingers so fast I never had time to tell her how I really felt, and when I wanted to tell her it was already too late. Because I once cared about someone other than myself and still she left me behind."

"You broke my heart" I said.

"I know," and then "do you regret it?"

"I could never regret the happiest moments of my life, even if they weren't real to you, they were to me"

And we said goodbye, and you hugged me, the way you used to when we were together, with your arms around my shoulders and your chin on my head.

And then you walked into the rainy night, and as your silhouette grew blurry I couldn't decide if I wanted to see you soon or never again.


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