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i like me better - lauv

min yoongi || crush material!

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  • okay so, this boy likes to think no one can tell when he has a crush, but he would be 100% w r o n g
  • "a crush?? pffft i feel NOTHING"
  • he says, as he literally stares at you open-mouthed for a good few seconds when you enter the room
  • he wishes he was able to be mean to you like he is to the guys, but he just caNNOT
  • he's very sweet on you and it's honestly not a secret
  • "you look nice today. i mean,, the same amount of nice as everyday of course. just... today in particular."
  • he gets you a lot of little things at random times
  • "idk it just... it just made me think of you oKaY"
  • when he finally asks you out, he's straightforward about it and you expected nothing less tbh
  • "wanna go out? just you and me. in a date way, just to be clear. 'cause i like you."

min yoongi || dating material!

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  • the first date is really simple, nothing too extravagant but he wants you to feel comfortable
  • he invites you out to dinner at a small restaurant then takes you back to his place for a movie and popcorn
  • you catch him staring at you a lot, but he quickly averts his eyes with a little blush and a smile he tries to hide
  • "let's do this again sometime?"
  • of course, there's a second date in which you guys go rollerskating
  • he sucks at rollerskating btw
  • a lot of "dates" with him are just you guys doing the simplest things all by yourselves and honestly, you don't mind it
  • you guys kiss on the fourth "real" date after a concert
  • he's absolutely shook and it leaves you with an electrifying feeling for a really long time
  • he can't stop gently touching his lower lip, stealing glances at you when you're around and smiling brightly

min yoongi || boyfriend material!

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  • nothing was ever actually said that made you guys official -- you just started calling him your boyfriend one day and he was 100% okay with it
  • the relationship is really relaxed, you basically act like best friends who kiss
  • he's capable of clowning you now, but if you pout he always says sorry
  • he's not a fan of pda and will probably get nervous if you try getting touchy in public
  • when you guys are by yourselves though?? this boy is cuddly
  • he can't stop touching you, whether it's holding your hand or playing with your hair
  • you guys laze around together a lot, most of your time spent in bed taking naps
  • mornings with him are really cozy and warm with a lot of sleepy cuddles
  • "i'm not kissing you until you shove some colgate up in there."
  • he cares about you so so so much, you're the light of his life and the one he goes to whenever he needs to talk, just being around you makes him feel amazing