lately all i think about is how miserable i am. and i get sad and i cry and i wanna scream as loud as i can and break things and it's not healthy, yknow...

i, always since i remember, quit. no matter what, no matter how much i like or not something, i'll quit. it's what i do the best. well, that and letting my mom down. i know she's disappointed of me even when she says she's not.

and i feel terrible but i just keep doing it.

sometimes i wish i was never born. i don't enjoy living, i'm always miserable and not happy. people think i'm just cold but god i really wish i was.

i cry every single day. and i hate myself.

i'm only eighteen and i'm trying to convince myself that i'm just exaggerating but idk. i really don't wanna be here right now.

i'm really sorry.

it's all i think about, lately.