hey guys,
so I decided to FINALLY make a travel bucketlist (yay).

★ australia
- beaches
-great barrier reef
- surfing

beach, australia, and sea image surf, beach, and summer image bridge, photography, and australia image ocean image

★ new york, usa
-times square at night

city, new york, and taxi image city, new york, and snow image city, wallpaper, and pink image new york, city, and taxi image

★ udaipur, india
-palaces and forts

india, travel, and udaipur image Temporarily removed lake, nature, and photography image pool, summer, and travel image

★ italy
-pizza and gelato
-canals of venice

Temporarily removed architecture, sky, and art image italy, travel, and nature image gelato, icecream, and rome image

★ brazil

-carnaval do brazil

brazil, rio, and rio de janeiro image beach, light, and night image adventure, beach, and brazil image beach and party image

★ amsterdam
-anne frank house
-artistic heritage and museums
-canals and streets

Temporarily removed amsterdam, anne frank, and article image city, amsterdam, and travel image street, city, and rain image

★ cape town
-natural beauty
-weather and sunsets

nature, beach, and sky image Temporarily removed beach, beautiful, and blue image africa image

★ mauritius

beach, fashion, and mauritius image summer, coconut, and beach image beach, summer, and ocean image beach, travel, and summer image

★ paris, france
-eiffel tower

Temporarily removed paris and kris4a image flowers image france, city, and rouen image

★ hordaland,norway
-mountains and glaciers

architecture, bergen, and buildings image autumn and girl image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

★ tokyo, japan
-cherry blossoms

Image removed cities, escape, and girl image pink, flowers, and bridge image pink, train, and aesthetic image

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thank you for reading.