1.) "Christmas & Chill" and "Christmas Kisses" by Ariana Grande

They're both albums but, I suggest listening to every song on them!
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2.) Winter Wonderland by Tony Bennett

Temporarily removed

3.) A Clickbait Christmas by Ryland Adams

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because, duh... it's a classic

Christmas Activities

1.) Ice Skating

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2.) Make Cookies

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3.) Drink Hot Chocolate

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4.) Make Ornaments/ Decorate

chanukah, hannukah, and dreidel image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed chanukah, hannukah, and hanukkah image

5.) Make Gingerbread Cookies/ Houses

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I almost forgot this!

6.) Spend Time With Family!!! Because, after all the only thing that matters is being happy and surrounding yourselves with loved ones!

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