"i lust for after, no disaster
can touch us anymore"

growing up in a strict household in the 1930's meant that kun qian was raised to be exactly what his parents and society expected of him. he was the poster child for well-behaved, quiet boys who did what they were told and only spoke when spoken to.

his father, as a world war one veteran, believed in emphasizing the importance of his son being able to defend himself, as well as recognize what he thought was right and wrong. his mother pressed heavily on the subject of his education, wanting him to flourish as a student and attend a prestigious college in hopes that he would bring in large amounts of money once he had dedicated himself to a career.

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a lot was expected of kun when he was younger, and his parents cared more for their mold of him and how they wanted him to turn out rather than how he wanted himself to turn out. he had practically no say in what things he participated in and what schools he went to. they wanted him to be a scholar, convincing even him that he wanted to be a scholar, as well.

it was an easier task when he was a child, but as he grew older, he started to discover himself.

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the boy began to find the constant dedication to his studies mind-numbingly boring. he was old enough at this point to realize that he had the option to be so much more than what he was shaping out to be.

he found his passion in people. studying them. interacting with them. he liked to observe how people acted, and he liked to wonder about how their minds worked. the moment he had finally developed an interest of his own, he clung to it. it was his nature, after all, to dedicate himself to whatever was laid out in front of him and pursue it with the entirety of his heart and soul.

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such an interest in psychology caught his parents off guard and, for lack of a better term, rubbed them the wrong way. their son, who had been well on the way to being a well-respected scholar, had now found something else to distract his mind from what they considered his true goal. this resulted in quite a few verbal disagreements in which kun fought back, which only increased the tension as he'd been raised to stay quiet and obedient.

kun was only eighteen and a fresh graduate from high school when he moved away from home, taking a chance as soon as possible to get away. there were hardly any feelings that he left behind -- he had never been close with his parents or his place of living and he doubted he ever would be. he bought a small apartment in the city and lived by himself, reading books on psychology and continuing to quietly study it rather than going to college. in the meantime, he started training to be a police officer.

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his aspiration of being a psychologist never quite took off, seeing as he proved to have the perfect personality and work ethic for a full-time cop. he was happy to dedicate himself to it. it was something he liked to do, even if it hadn't been what he'd wanted to do. he'd made plenty of friends there, like renjun huang and jeno lee. it kept food on the table and kept him steady on his feet, and that was all he needed.

when he was twenty-four and was steadily making his way up the ranks in the police force, he began to pursue someone with the most interesting mind he had ever come across.

the mind belonged to sicheng dong, and it became his life's work to find the gang leader. not to arrest him, but simply to know him.