These are just a list of a few things that make happy, and maybe they will make you happy too. Most of them are totally ridiculous, but hey, if they work, they work :)

-Rewatching one of my favorite shows on TV or Netflix

-Listening to songs Glee covered or watching their best performances on YouTube (hey I love Glee lol)

-Talking to a friend or family member (either on the phone or in person)

-Watching covers of my favorite songs or watching throwback music videos

- Food lmao

-Reading a really great book that really makes you forget everything around you and makes you feel like you're a character in the story

-Watching a Christmas episode (or any holiday themed episode) for any of my favorite shows

-Playing with my pets

-Playing a sport or running

-Playing an instrument

-Baking or cooking something

-Taking a FAT nap

-Painting my nails

-Doing new things with my makeup and hair

-Watching clips of WildNOut or Drop the Mic (especially the Shawn Mendes one ahaha)

I feel like I said some of these things in a previous article but whatever. I hope it helped someone, and be sure to check out the last article I posted! Thanks.