My baby Oona loves animals so much. They love her, too. She shares such special bonds with dogs. She befriends all of our neighbors' pets. I can't tell if it's a unicorn thing or just an Oona thing. Either way, it's adorable.

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Charlie would love her so much. I wish he could meet her. I wish things were different. I enjoy having days with just her and I.

I don't connect much with Lizzie. Rosie gets through to her best. She lets me do her hair once in a while which is nice.

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Swan is still protective and caring with her. It's sweet. Lizzie does not reciprocate, though. I'm not sure she ever will. Sometimes I wish I would've given her to Katherine. Maybe they'd connect. I miss the days it was just us and Oona. My precious girl. Cora impregnated me with Lizzie. Who knows where she actually came from or where her genes lead.