According to a bunch of people on Urban Dictionary, we indicate the One as our best friend and soul mate, the person we spend our whole lives looking for.

Now, I know some people aren't interested in having an epic love story but I think everybody wants to have a person.
Be it a friend, a lover or both, we need to have someone unique by our side.
And even though regular friendships and relationships can be perfectly fulfilling, is the next best thing really enough in the long run?
The way I see it, no, it is not.

Some people don't deal with it; others have normal lives, despite the wish for something more always in the back of their minds. Because it's better to have people, I get it. I was like that.
But then I lost two out of three of my best and only friends and the one that's left is never around when I need her. At the end of the day, in spite of our strong connection, she's barely even a friend. Which means I now fall into category number three:
the lone wolves.

We have acquaintances, at best.
We go through life solo, constantly repeating to ourselves and to our families that that's how we like it.
Which is true. But it's also very painfully true that being alone is hard, even if you love it, because like it or not man is a social animal.
We need someone.

The more you're alone, the more you start getting lonely.
And at this point, you either fill the void with anyone and go back to square one or keep suffering on your own.
I choose the second.

As depressing as it might sound,
I wouldn't change it.
I gain strength in the immortal hope to someday find something that feels like home.