I went to a birthday party yesterday. I must admit I wished you were there. When I walked in and saw you, only God kno. ws what i felt.

You looked so beautiful in that suit, and those little curls in your hair that drive me crazy. I couldn't stop looking at you all night.

I was dancing with my friends and you were sitting. I could see you were looking at me from your seat.

We also crossed paths. I was going to the bathroom and you were going out. I couldn't look into your eyes because I felt that as soon as I looked at you, my eyes would betray everything I feel.

It's been a few hours since the party ended and all I can think about is you, how much I miss you, in the hours before I see you again.

Everyday I think of you and the few possibilities that someday we can be more than two presons who cross glances.

-Love, C