As a writer, new characters and personalities are always popping up; ones inspired by a passing comment, lyrics from a song, a scene in a movie, or just a general theme. But sometimes their accompanying storylines are a bit shy.

As my WHI page is dedicated mostly to my original stories, I wanted to create a series of collections around these story-less heroes as inspiration to my future self who will hopefully have the perfect vision of what their tales will be. In the meantime, it'll be a way to get them out of my head because it is starting to get a bit crowded in here.

Along with each collection, I'm writing a summary of the attributes I think each character would possess (simply based off the given title). Most of these features are merely suggestions or reminders to my future self.

If one of the profiles from my CIWTW series inspires you to adopt them and build a safe home for them, then please do share. I'd love to read anything written about them.

The Beekeeper and the Big Game Hunter make their debut tonight. (Odd that the first two began with a 'b.') I look forward to creating more.

'Til next time...

~ gwicf