this will be hard but let´s do it

I got inspired by this one

1.Salvatore Brothers or Mikaelson Brothers:

The Originals, klaus, and elijah image blood and red image

2.Bonnie, Davina or Freya:

actress, celebrity, and celebs image

3. Klamille or Klaroline:

klaus, klaroline, and tvd image blonde, dance, and dress image
klaroline but I liked klamille too

4. one human, Matt or Camille:

gif, The Originals, and leah pipes image
my luv camille deserved so much better

5. Enzo or Marcel:

quote, Vampire Diaries, and words image

6. Elena or Hayley:

aesthetic, celebrity, and hybrid image gif, The Originals, and phoebe tonkin image

7. Lucien or Kai:

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8. Little Hope or Little Josie & Lizzie:

Image removed icon, icons, and The Originals image

9. Katherine or Aurora:

Image removed actress, aesthetic, and girl image

10. Mystic Falls or New Orleans:

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I love new orleans but mystic falls

11. Kol or Jeremy:

boys, goals, and The Originals image daniel sharman, nathaniel buzolic, and The Originals image

12. Tyler or Jackson:

gif, tyler, and the vampire diaries image
tyler I think

13. Niklaus or Damon:

the vampire diaries, klaus, and tvd image the vampire diaries, ian somerhalder, and damon salvatore image
sorry I can´t choose this

14. Stefan or Elijah:

actor, gif, and gifs image The Originals, daniel gillies, and elijah mikaelson image

15. Alaric & Damon or Marcel & Klaus:

tvd, alaric, and damon image the vampire diaries, tvd, and damon salvatore image
alaric and damon what a frienship my friends

16. Caroline or Rebekah:

gif, goals, and hybrid image

17. one "underrated" ship Bonenzo or Kolvina:

gif, The Originals, and nathaniel buzolic image

18. The Vampire Diaries or The Originals:

the vampire diaries and vampires image ian somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and the vampire diaries image
I think they´re both amazings shows but tvd took so long and the end was not so good, the end of the originals in my opnion was incredible, I cried all night. I won´t choose this, both has part of my heart.

thanks !! enjoy

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and last but not least

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" I love you Elena. And it´s because I love you that I can´t be selfish with you. I don´t deserve you, but my brother does. God.. I wish you didn't have to forget this. But you do.

yes, I memorized it :)