I had a snow day today (six inches of snow and it's not even Thanksgiving), so, I was basically bored all day. And did lots of random activities. Here is just some of the fun stuff I did/thought of doing but lost motivation because it was cold.

1. Bake
2. Do random DIYs (every time I have a snow day, I end up doing, like, five million random DIYs that I find on Pinterest)
4. Write
5. Read
6. Text/call your friends
7. Go for a walk (or just do something outside)
8. Clean your room
9. Look at m e m e s
10. Play a board game
11. Paint
12. Listen to music
13. Make edits
14. Volunteer
15. Cook
16. Go shopping
17. Stay off your phone for an hour and find anything that occupies you that doesn't involve electronics
18. Go on boredbutton.com
19. Paint your nails
20. Follow a selfcare thread
21. Make a vision board
22. Reorganize something
23. Write a letter for someone
24. Take photos! Of yourself, or of things around you. And try to experiment and edit it :)
25. Plan a party. You don't need a reason, and it doesn't even have to actually happen, just plan it
26. Write down love notes for yourself, because self love in important
27. Do a facemask
28. Look through old yearbooks or journals (I found a journal that I had when I was 7 and laughed my ass off, I was an idiotic child who literally didn't seem to know how to speak)
29. Make a blog
30. Get lost on Pinterest

Thanks for reading!