there are no words to describe you or how I feel. I guess its kinda ironic I write this, with your cracked lips in mind, and the blue eyes that can scare someone into oblivion.

I say there are no words, but I can only scratch the surface of you. you, your dirty honey colored hair, and the mole that sits in the middle of your chin, that I somehow adore oh so much.

every time I look back, on who you are, on how you exist into my life, and I realize nothing can describe how I feel for you. nothing can describe the aching pain in my stomach when I don't know how you are. nothing can describe the smile on my face when I hear the lil stupid things you say. nothing can describe how amazing it is to me to see you talk about your cats, as weird as that is. nothing can describe how much of a god you are in my own eyes.

so as I write a poem, something full of words after just stating there are no words, realize this is just the surface of how I feel about you. it is merely a page of the bible, the tip of a spect of grass, a shard of a glass door, for you truly, are beautiful to where I cannot describe you in any words.