Suri the snow leopard.

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She is absolutely adorable.

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Watching her run around the woods and play is warming my heart.

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She may be a triplet, but she's the baby of the family. She has a special place in my heart. And yes, she's my favorite daughter. She's a daddy's girl. Emerson's a mommy's girl. Devon favors both of us equally. We have a wonderful family.

"Alright, Suri. The sun is going to set soon and nothing good happens in the woods after dark. We have to head home now," I told her. She ran over to me and turned into human form. I picked her up and put her on my shoulders.

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She leaned her chin on my head and hugged my neck loosely. "Daddy...I'm sleepy," she said. "I bet you are," I replied. She's been running around these woods for about from morning to nearly sundown. I walked into our house to find Magda on the couch with a sleeping Emerson and Monroe. Devon was asleep on the floor hugging her favorite barbie doll. Magdalena smiled at me. ~ our sleeping princesses...Suri is wiped out too I see ~ Magda thought to me. I smiled and gently took Suri off of my shoulders. ~ let's put these babies to bed ~ I thought to her. ~ let's do it. Monroe is staying the night. Raven said she'd pick her up in the morning ~ Magda thought to me. ~ no problem ~ I responded. I took up Devon and Suri. Magdalena followed with Emerson and Monroe. I love this family life. The best part about right now is I get to crawl into bed with my favorite person and wake up to her again tomorrow.