Hello ! In this article i will show you what kind of outfits Shawn's style inspires me. Of course, the outfits are in terms to my taste that may not be everyone's, so do not hesitate to let me know your thoughts ! Enjoy^^

The Jeans Jacket Look

shawn mendes, beautiful, and handsome image fashion, dress, and black image
a jeans jacket is already very stylish so why not a discreet black dress under the jacket ?

The Pink Hoodie Look

shawn mendes, boy, and shawn image pink, outfit, and hoodie image
maybe a hoodie from Shawn's brand, it looks very comfy and pretty

The White Look

shawn mendes, boy, and shawn image fashion, girl, and hair image
this photo of him makes me wanna wear a white dress and tie my hair with a ribbon, i don't know why

The Black Look

shawn mendes, oscar, and boy image Temporarily removed
black literally goes with everything (yes i'm out of captions^^)

The Yellow Tee Shirt Look

shawnmendes image fashion, girl, and outfit image
okay, we need to steal him this yellow tee shirt, it's so pretty

The Burgundy Look

cristiano ronaldo, cr7, and shawn mendes image dress, fashion, and red image
that dress is more like a prom dress or a wedding dress but whatever i want it ! Burgundy is my favourite color and i think we should wear it more often because this color is very elegant (I literally died when i saw Shawn wearing a burgundy suit at the met gala last year^^)

The Classic Black Jeans Look

shawn mendes image Temporarily removed
black jeans are typical of Shawn, another idea that we should steal to him ! I think that a nice belt makes all the difference^^

The Classy Jacket Look

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i love checkered patterns on outfits and that kind of jacket is simply beautiful so... let's do like Shawn and combine the two !

That's it ! I tried something new and i hope you enjoyed^^ if that's the case Heart it ! Xoxo

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(Shawn always looks good, however, I don't know if we will be inspired by these glasses omg !๐Ÿ˜‚)