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(okay I know I also find it super cool that I'm writing again this week!) It's getting super cold here in The Netherlands (think of Amsterdam if you don't know the country lol) and I want to cozy up my room so that when I get home from a super long day of school, trains and buses I can unwind at home. Usually that place is my room ofcourse! So I've used some of these methods to make my room cozy ready for when I get home!


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I WANT THESE ASAPP IN MY ROOM!! I mean just look at them! I didn't know these fluffy babies existed! They just scream come lay down on me and forget about all your stress and just chill!


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I mean c'mon you can't have a bed without cushions to fill it up with. You can use faux fur ones, one with a cute print or one with a quote. I'm still looking for good faux fur ones and a quote cushion, if you know any good (online)stores hit me up!! Oh before I forget, buying different sized cushions and different textures can make it even more cozy!


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I know what you're thinking: ''Wth these are all kids' rooms?!'' Well girl I'm here to tell you that this tipi is SUPER LIT and think it's a great space to read an awesome book and watch your favv movies/shows in. Plus it's something original that not everyone has in their rooms and is easy to DIY ;) If I had a bigger room I'd definitely make one of these in my room, just saying.


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Hang chairs or indoor swing chair is the best thing that has happened in my room! (the picture on the left side with the plant is mine hehehe) It's soo cozy and chill to sit on (and swing ofcourse lol) It was a bit hard to find one when I got it (around like 2-3 years ago) but I see them more in stores now! (yay!) Stores I saw them (for all my dutchies): Xenos, Ikea, Van Cranenbroek (where I got mine, it was also one of the cheapest!) Oh and before I forget, I found mine in the ''garden furniture'' section so also look there when you're in a store ;)


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Step up your blanket game with the mermaid blanket (up left corner). I mean who doesn't want to look like a freakin mermaid AND have warm feet?! But if you're not so down with that whole vibe you can totally go for the chunky woven blankets, they look so cozy omg. Also that ladder idea is such a smart way to decorate and store your blankets ;) Also a tip: LESS ISN'T MORE! What I mean is go buy a lot of blankets with different textures/prints and decorate your bed with them! It gives you those bed vibes you see in stores like Ikea and gives a more luxurious appearance!


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My tip: DECORATE THE HECK OUT OF YOUR ROOM WITH CANDLES AS IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANY ELECTRICITY! Honestly in every corner of my room you can find a candle. I absolutely love the vibe you get when you light every single one of em, especially if it's a scented candle...ahh love those vibes...


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I'm a fairy light FREAK! My whole room is covered in them and I have all types. I have white flowers, the ''basic'' ones and the ones where the light is inside of a ball. yes, I know that's a lot but what I wanted to say is that nowadays there are so many different types of fairy lights out there! So deff go check out stores or my BFF AliExpress cause I found my fairy light curtain from there!


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I liiiivee for these! I also got one in my room but mine's super dead bc I walked sooo much on it. Anywaysss these can spice up your room plus it's so easy to throw it wherever you want to.


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yes girl get yourself a small lamp if you don't have one. These babies can bring just enough light into your room so that you can see something AND give a super cozy vibe to your room! There are many cute ones out there! If you want one that has a vintage vibe I'd deff look at thrift shops.


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I also have lace curtains in my room (from Ikea) and I love them! They give such a boho/indie vibe and look sooo good when the sun is setting. So yeah if you want curtains (which I recommend cause it'll make your room feel more warm/cozy) I'd get these!


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What I mean by this is that going for more pastel/nude-ish colors are more resting for your eyes and give more of a cozy vibe than a neon pink color. I hope you got what I meant lol.


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Yes girl buy yourself those flowers! Flowers can bring life to your room! I actually need to follow my own tip, I haven't had flowers in my room for ages! (also you can just go for fake flowers to protect your wallet lol)

Here are some pictures that I found which you should checkout!! Maybe they'll give you some inspo :D

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hanging up tassels is also such a good idea!
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I know I said to use light colors but I just wanted all of you to see this room...ugh lovee
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Who needs a hang chair when you can have a hang couch?!
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Speaking of hang chairs I absolutely love how this person cozied up her room! It looks like heaven...
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As you can see I love fur, almost all of these inspo pictures have fur in them. But imagine sitting at your desk in this baby...
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You just had to see this one ok? ok.

SOOOOO this was my long list, hope this has helped you out and gave you some inspo. Speaking of inspo, I've made a room tour on my channel so I'll link it so you can see my hanging chair and many many fairy lights (lol)

It would be so cool if you could also send me a picture of your room via instagram dm (@sajeda_m) or WHI postcards (although that doesn't work 9/10 times for me...) but yeah we could help each other out and give some ideas ;D

Okay this article is soo dang long so TYSM for reading it till the end!💖💖💖 YOU'RE A STAR!⭐⭐⭐⭐

- XOXO -

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