Hello lovely hearters!

Christmas is almost a month away. If you are someone who is still deciding on what other items to add to your wishlist, I present you with plenty of ideas straight from my personal wishlist.

1. a watch: I really like Daniel Wellington watches
2. surfboard: I am a surfer
3. bath bombs: In love with Lush bath bombs
4. Puma Fenty fur slides: I wear slides on a daily
5. Hunter rain boots in black: super cute
6. Gucci belt: I really like these but they're so expensive
7. cell phone ring light: An essential for taking beautiful selfies
8. holiday lip kits from Sephora: variety of lippies
9. Nike sweatpants: comfy and stylish
10. Fila Sneakers: Chunky sneakers are totally in
11. PINK undergarments: bras and undies
12. candles: Bath and Body works
13. denim jacket: i'm just in need of a new one
14. laptop: i've always wanted an apple laptop
15. Apple watch: these just seem really convenient

Giftcards of any kind of definitely good, too. Some extra cash for tattoo money is also wanted because i would like to add on to my quarter sleeve

Thanks for the read! Hopefully this list will provide you with some ideas on what to add to your wishlist. Merry Christmas everyone

11/16/18 by Lana K.