My dream house

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I'd really love to live in a cute, simple house. A house filled with lots of books, cameras and art. And have a white and calm ambiance. I'd love to have a house in either nyc, london or paris.

My dream destination

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My dream is to live in either new york, london, paris or even rome. I've only been to london and rome and i really love the vibes there! London really has a working vibe while rome is really relaxed. I still need to visit paris and new york. But I will soon!

My dream job

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I really like writing so I'd love to be like a writer for a lifestyle magazine or a travel magazine or anything like that! Also I'd maybe like to do something with law or photography.

My dream style

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I'd love to have a classy, but cute style. Lots of blouses, simple jeans and classy coats. Just simple and minimalistic, with some jewellery.

My dream family

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I'd like to have an amazing, lovely husband and one or two kids. I guess I'd like to have a boy and a younger girl. A happy family of four!