i know it's hard
makes me wanna
lay down my guard
and tell you everything's gonna

change but what is the point
when i can't even choose
when i can't even move
when the choice is just ... yours

i can't leave you but i can't
break you, i can't hurt you
but i can't break me, i can't
i can't, i can't, what's up with you?

please don't let me break your heart
break mine, hurt me, kill me
please please you don't deserve
such a treatment, but i do, trust me

i wanna cry i wanna die
not because i'm sad about you
pity is wetting my eyes
just a bunch of tears, just for you

i never deserved you
or maybe it's the other way around
it's just me and it's just you
everything we do is just turning round and round

where's the answer and where's the problem anymore
maybe i'm the problem
perhaps it's just me, i don't know, i can't say more
i can't remember, what was even the aim?

i just wanted someone to love me,
long, gentle texts to hold me at night,
funny answers, stupid comments, you and me
that's what i wanted with all my might

and if we're not even meant to be
if i'm not happy, if it breaks me
just to be with you, hoping for you
to act completely different, completely not you

then maybe it should be over
i hope you'll find someone
a boy or a girl, someone better
i hope you'll find the right one

please don't hate me like i
already hate myself honey
i never wanted that but i
never said anything, did I? a real pity

we're just too different
i'm sorry