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This article is going to be a lot different than my other ones. I just recently got addicted to the show Riverdale and I've seen this tag all over WHI.


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Name & meaning: Ophelia Ange Jones. Ange is the french word for Angel. Her mother named her Ange because she lost what she thought was the love of her life and gained an angel instead.

Nickname & purpose: Angel, easier way of pronouncing than the french word.

Age: 17


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She has wavy dark brown hair reaching below her stomach, and dark brown eyes. Ophelia isn't quite tall nor short, she's 160 cm tall.


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Ophelia's resting face consists of frowning. She's nice and friendly to her friends and to people who don't come in her way but she can also be mean and use foul language towards people she isn't very fond of or to those who are straight up douchebags. Did I say her second language consists of sarcasm, sarcasm and even more sarcasm? When Ophelia sets her mind to do something, she's going to do it. She's stubborn and doesn't give up, at all.


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She doesn't like dresses, at all. Hardly ever wears them only if it's a special occasion. Most of the time she wears black or denim jeans. She usually wears sweaters, black long sleeved shirts and crop tops. She only wears one jacket and it's a black leather one. Not a serpent jacket as she isn't a serpent...yet. Ophelia always wears her black combat boots.


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Ophelia lived with her mother in France and she has never met her father, doesn't even know if he's alive as he left her mother when she announced herself pregnant with Ophelia. The only relatives she knows are her uncle, FP Jones, and cousin, Jughead Jones. We can freely say that Ophelia is a serpent by blood but is she by heart?


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As she recently moved to Riverdale she doesn't have many friends except from Toni, her cousin Jughead, Fangs and she somehow forms a close relationship with Kevin Keller and Archie Andrews.


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Ophelia was a member of her track team in her old school in France and she was one of the best. Track isn't just a sport for her, it's her life. When she's frustrated she takes it out through running a few laps around the field. It's her second home. Before she left France she was introduced to archery and she instantly fell in love with it as well as she mastered it in seconds.


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Ophelia wouldn't say Sweetpea is her love interest as she isn't very fond of him and his cocky attitude but she deeply cares for him, and not in a platonic way.

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