Stargazing is one of the best things to do
Especially with you next to me
How I admire the stars
Is how I admire you
Your laugh and your voice
Your look at life
How your honesty makes you a beautiful person
I know I shouldn't be in love with you
But how could I not?

I remember when I just stood there in the backyard
Just making circles while looking up to the sky
I couldn't stop looking for a bigger miracle above us
But you were right there
Next to me
Admiring it too
Looking for it too
Thats when I knew
Souls really don't meet by accident

I remember the time we knew
We just knew
And I felt my smile getting bigger
My eyes shining brighter
Honey you had the same
Things like that gave me hope

I love stargazing because I hope to find it back
In someone's eyes
Maybe even brighter than all stars combined