Hi Hearters !

A question I often get asked by friends is : how do you find time to work so much for university ?

Today, my article will answer this question, because maybe that's one of your problems as well as it is my friend's. You feel overwhelmed under books, assignments, tests, etc. Here are some tips to keep your head above water.

Find time where you can

Take (or do) your weekly planning, with your classes and/or your job, your activities, etc. What is left ? This Wednesday afternoon : great. You have two hours free between two classes : good.

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Don't forget the time you spend in the bus/train/car. Also write your "family time", etc.

Find time where you think there is not

This one seems stupid, doesn't it ? It's not. For example, I spend three hours a week in the train. The disadvantage is that I cannot work a lot. But the advantage is that I can read a chapter of a (school) book, re-read my notes, or just take a break before studying again at home.

Another example : these two hours you have between two classes. You can benefit from that time by studying in the library, read a book, go for a walk, etc.

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Time and time

There are two types of "free-time-that-you-can-benefit-from" :

  • The time you have before a class. You are dynamic, you're not stressed, you're motivated.
  • The time you come back from school after an 8-hours-of-classes day, and the only thing you want is crawl in your bed.

The first time can be very useful because you are full of energy and motivation, and you can try to synthesize this difficult subject you don't really like.

But the second type can be useful too : do you really need a lot of energy to re-read your notes from that course you love, or to just take a Quizlet ? Not really. The point is not to work a long time, but if you do that every day you will see a difference.

For example, when I was talking about reading a book for school in the train, I was thinking about that book that I read entirely in the train last year. It took me two weeks, or six hours, but I did it. therefore, that was something less I had to worry about. (Also, it was a really good book : The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid.)

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Shorten your tasks

I'm not saying you should skimp on your homeworks, just that you are maybe a little bit too perfectionnist (like me). Do you really need such an impressive layout for your synthesis ?

Another problem could be distraction : your smartphone, internet, or just the wall. Or organisation, if you lose ten minute searching for that particular sheet of paper. Maybe I'll adress this in an other article.

XOXO, Ems.