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Today's article is those who are just starting a WHI account or just general WHI account tips. Hannah will be posting a part 2 to this so check it out!

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𝟙. Create a username

Create a username that represents you or your interests that way other users can find you.

𝟚. Bio

Tell us about yourself! Include some of your favorite quotes, hobbies, interests, music or your social media.

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𝟛. Starting collections

When you first start WHI, you make "collections" of photos that you like. They can be sorted into different themes, colors, or randomly. But if you are looking to create a recognized account, I would make sure that your collections look neat and organized.

Some ideas for collections are:

  • Animals
  • Fashion
  • Quotes
  • Nails
  • Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter
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𝟜. Posting Images

Another way to start your WHI account is my posting creative images under your account. These images should represent your interests or fit under some of your collections as well.

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𝟝. Posting articles

Starting articles is a great way to reach out to other users with the same interests. Make sure you create a neat and interesting write up so other writers will enjoy your work!

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