Heyy everyone, I'm looking for my internet friend. I hope I will finally find someone

I want a real conversation, so we can just talk about us, our families, friends, school and what happened to us that day.

I don't care where you are from, your sexuality or your gender
Please be around 17- 20 years old

things about me
my name is insaf
im 17 y.o
im from algeria

my interestings

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i love 90's music , metal , rock songs ( nirvana , wehmut , kiss , the queen ...... )

things about me

- writing. I love writing it's something that you actually can express yourself and I used to write on wattpad.

- traveling is something that makes me so happy. I love to learn about new culture and to be honest I wish I can travel when I'm older

- watching movies and shows. My favorites are teen wolf, the end of the f***ing world, sabrina, impulse, you, skam, stranger things, the carrie diaries

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