Hey everybody!
How was your day? Mine was pretty cool, I did a lot of things, and I still have tons and tons of things to get done by the end of the day. Sooo...

Make a list of five things to be grateful

  • Have a supportive family
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Honestly, I have an awesome family. Of course, sometimes we are arguing with each other. But most of the days my mom and my grandparents support me with 100% of their power. And I'll be always grateful for that.
  • My precious friends
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I have 3 Best Friends, but one of them goes to a different school. My other best friend and I are just like a Supporting Girl Boss Squad. We love each so dearly and have the others back when they are in trouble.
  • My Boyfriend
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I'm grateful for my boyfriend. We are together for almost 4 months and we love each other very much. He treats me like a princess and supports me with my school stuff (because he knows it is extremely important for me). And I support him the same way.
  • Be able to go to School
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I know that some of you have a face, that says:aaaww. Are you out of your mind?? But really. Just think about it. We, girls, didn't have a right to go schools. Today, I can be whoever I want to and I'm grateful for that.
  • Being Healthy
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As you probably noticed, I didn't put a,, human" picture here. That's because I think you can be healthy even when you are a little bit overweight. Kgs doesn't really matter. What matters is that you feel good in your body and keep it healthy.

That was all for today. I'll write to you a new one tomorrow,
Kisses and Bye,