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In today’s article, I’m going to recommend you some of the famous world museums that you should make time to visit. These magnificent places that hold so much art and history are definitely worth your time, so if you are traveling go and check them out.

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1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art If you are roaming down the streets of New York pick one of three Met buildings (The Met Fifth Avenue, The Met Breuer and The Met Cloisters) and explore the biggest collections of Egyptian, Islamic, Medieval, Greek, Roman, African, Modern art and many, many more.
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1. The Louvre Museum Want to feel like you’re in a Beyoncé’s video? Leave the Parisian croissant for latter and hurry up to The Pavilion de l’Horloge to discover Louvre and it’s wealthy history.
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2. The Vatican Museum Signore e signori avete visitato il museio del Vaticano? In Italy, Rome you can find a beautiful Saint Peter’s square and there is a church that shares that name and also a magical Musei Vaticani. You’ll fall in love in Rome even more if you visit. And don’t forget the famous Michelangelo’s, Sistine Chapel.
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3. The State Hermitage Museum In the beautiful but cold city of Russia – Saint Petersburg go and warm up by looking at some art or explore the amazingly done palaces.
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4. The British Museum Before your five o’clock tea go and visit this spectacular museum in London. They have a magnificent Egyptian collection and believe me, it’s better than Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that I managed to interest you in one or more of these places. You can bring someone dear to you or go there alone to relax and enjoy the beauty of art through time. I think, as a future art historian, that it is of great importance to educate ourselves and this is definitely one way, the fun way. These museums are some of my favorites but there are many more so maybe there should be a part two of this article, what do you think? Hope you feel inspired because I challenge all of you guys to make your own lists of favorite museums or a story about one. Can’t wait to read them all.
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