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As winter is slowly approaching, it is time to make your room as cute and cozy as possible for the holiday season. Here are some cute ways to add some touch ups to your rooms!

Bean Bags & Cool Chairs

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A cute chair definitely adds a centerpiece to your room. Get it so it matches the color of your walls to create a more at home feel environment.

Christmas Lights

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What a better way to get into the holiday spirit but with Christmas lights. They create a beautiful glow in any room and are cute for tapestries, headboards, pictures, and bed frames.

Cozy Pillow & Blankets

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Create a focus point for your bed by placing matching pillows and chunky knit blankets to create a cozy, relaxing sanctuary.


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Feel the fuzz and create a beautiful accent to your room. Depending on your style, there are many different designs and textures to choose from.


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Make your room have a signature scent with big candles for the season. You can place them on a windowsill or in a lantern for a cute effect.


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Create a stunning look for the wall by placing a uniquely trimmed mirror on your wall or a long tall mirror on your floor. Perfect for selfies!

Neon Sign

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Light up the night with a cute neon or letter sign. Make your own collection if you want!

Record Player

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Crackling music really reminds me of old holiday music. Get some of your favorite records or Christmas songs to bring out those holiday vibes.


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Get a cute desk that stands out in your room. Decorate it for the holidays with lights and fake snowflakes. use it for your laptop, homework, or makeup stand.


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Take some cute holiday photos with friends and family or create a photography theme for your room. You can also create a collage!

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This article was written by @LexiiBb on the We Heart it Writers Team