Some people out in the world have found what works for them and live on striving if not in life with what they wear. It’s been known that what you wear affects the confidence you reflect. I want you to reflect the most confident you possible, that’s why I’m here to help you. Here is what I suggest you take in mind when dressing, shopping or picking out an outfit yourself.

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First and foremost: Be confident in yourself!
This is easier said then done but, take a moment and give yourself a pep talk, you need to love yourself and your body. I know sometimes I need to go over this step, usually daily. Know that maybe you’re not a size zero, and so what? We love thick queens (our skinny ones too!) Every body and every size is beautiful, so feel it.

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Make sure your fit fits right.
You’re not going to be the same size in all brands, I know sometimes I’ll be a 4 or 6 in jeans depending on where I buy them. And shirts? the way the shirt is made, sometimes you’d look better in a smaller or larger size than yours. You just need to know what you want from the clothes.

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What do you want your clothes to say?
Some people say clothes are a form to express yourself, and it’s how you show people what you want them to see. Do you want them to see a total girl boss? A fashion icon who just flew in from Paris? Or maybe just a normal girl on the go? You choose.

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Be comfortable with what you wear.
I know I love to go all out with my outfits sometimes, but after I leave the house and go in public I’m constantly pulling my skirt down, rolling up my sleeves because it’s too hot, my sweater starts to itch or I have the constant worry that maybe my shoes clash with the rest of my outfits . Make sure you are fully comfortable and confident when you leave the house.

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Your eyes should like what they see.
At the end of it, all make sure you like what you’re wearing. If it’s too bold or too simple for you to change it! You’re dressing for yourself and no one else’s opinion matters but yours.

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All the love, Ani

This article was written by @writingoutani on the We Heart It Writers Team.