Everybody these days think what if someone says "I don't know who I am", they joking, so I'm gonna say, no they are not, because I don't know who I am, but even don't want to find out that.
If somebody ask me, what would I do if it was the last day of my life, probably I would say I'm going to apologize to others,if i did something wrong, or something stupid to not deserve love from others, to not deserve gave perfect friends, perfect family, or perfect myself. Every day I I am brushing my teeth, wearing something beautiful, I am pleased with others I try to be somebody, but nobody really cares because I'm nothing to others.
Every day I get up with a smile but eventually I coming back with tears in my eyes. I know that you do not know that I feel, but then you see that I'm feeling sad, if I'm really care for you, just at least try not to ignore me because I already fell like shit.