after writing my last article applying for #thesparkleteam, i realized i hadn't ever really introduced myself on this account, so today i'm gonna be doing the abc tag! hope you enjoy!

book, aesthetic, and vintage image flowers, rose, and window image

(a) age

delicious and food image art, drawing, and grunge image

i'm 15 years old

(b) best feature

hair, blonde, and curly image Image removed

i believe it's my curly hair that's every possible color hair can be

(c) color combo

gold, luxury, and minimal image bag, florals, and flourish image

i love neutral colors, like white and creme, mixed with pastels

(d) desire

book, books, and happiness image Temporarily removed

to always be happy

(e) everyday starts with

Temporarily removed Image removed

feeding the most adorable show pig around duh

(f) favorite singer/band

shawn mendes, boy, and singer image halsey, singer, and badlands image

koe wetzel, cross canadian ragweed, stoney larue

(g) greatest achievement

islam, muslim, and public speaking image

i love public speaking but have terrible anxiety when it comes to giving them in front of people (ironic ik) and last night i gave a speech at a contest not only in front of four judges, but also in front of 6 other people in the room, one of which being from my school (my anxiety's worse when it's people i know) and i did it confidently. i'm really proud of myself

(h) hobbies

ffa, cmf, and puertorico image

i'm involved in my schools ffa chapter and i love showing pigs, giving speeches, competing in quiz bowl, and a lot of other things the organization offers

(i) in love with

emblem, photography, and ffa image journal and pictures image

ffa, music, writing, traveling, road trips and my friends

(j) job of my dreams

ffa, christmaspresent, and wearthejacketproud image Temporarily removed

honestly, i'd love to just be an ag teacher. nothing too crazy and obviously not high-paying, but something i'm passionate about and will enjoy doing

(k) kids

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i love kids so much and i seriously want anywhere from 3-5 kids

(l) least favorite quality

blonde, boy, and girl image Image removed

i worry too much about what other people think and i'm so exhausted all the time that after i do all my chores i pretty much lay in bed, get up for dinner, then go to bed

(m) magical power

blue, Flying, and fuji image city, Flying, and plane image

ironically, i'd love to be able to fly (i have a huge fear of heights and airplanes)

(n) nationality

obama, barack obama, and president image american, american flag, and antique image


(o) one favorite song

Image removed clouds, Missouri, and peculiar image

i think tell it all town by koe wetzel

(p) personality

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i like to think i'm pretty outgoing (and even annoying) at times once i get to know people, but i'm socially awkward around new people

(q) questions i always ask

quotes, writer, and words image connection, conversation, and deep image

i honestly don't ask a lot of questions (unless i'm in biology lol). i'm more of a listener than a questioner in conversations

(r) reasons to smile

Temporarily removed building, city, and fall image

music, the cutest lil animals ever, ffa, writing, the beauty of the earth, and so many other things

(s) sexuality

couple, love, and goals image boys, couples, and details image


(t) tv show

Image by Z O E Image by Liesel

o h m y g o s h i love boy meets world with my whole heart

(u) underwater animal

dolphin, bubbles, and animal image Image by 𝑵

love me a good dolphin

(v) vacation spot

bora bora, gorgeous, and Maldives image bathingsuit, beach, and blonde image

florida, south carolina, bora bora, ireland, indiana... literally anywhere

(w) worst habit

room, cry, and aesthetic image cry, alice in wonderland, and alice image

i literally don't cry unless i'm frustrated. and then i'm like NO, momma didn't raise no b*tch stop c r y i n g

(x) x-rays I've had

Image by ☁ Image by avatar

i've had an x-ray on my lungs when i was like 6 but that's it i think

(y) your favorite drink

sweettea image ice, maria, and sugar image

sweet tea has my heart

(z) zodiac

art, cancer, and inked image Temporarily removed



as you can see i'm not the average person you'd find on whi, but i hope this helped you to get to know me :)

my other articles:

thank y'all for reading!

love, mae <3