Hi guys! As this year rapidly comes to an end, I've decided rather than having a new year's resolution, I'll work to end this year with a bang. Here are my goals... Enjoy!

1. Be Kinder, not just when it's easy

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Here are the ways I am working on that:
-Buying blankets to pass out to the homeless... It's getting colder every day.
-Picking a stranger or someone I'm not close with to give a Christmas present to (this is a new tradition)
-Finding ways to give back to my community this Christmas season

2. Finish this semester with all A's

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I'm almost done with this semester already, but I still have a few finals left. Grades are important to me, especially with where I am in school right now.

3. Christmas Shopping

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This one might seems strange, but Christmas shopping fills me with a lot of stress. This year, I'm planning to buy a Christmas present every week until I have them all. If I stay to this plan, I should be done a week before Christmas!

4. Make more time for my friends and family

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With being a student with a "fulltime-parttime" job, making time for those I love is frequently pushed to the side for more studying or me time. This made my list because being with my friends makes me so much happier and I forget that I need human company some days.

That's all for this one, but I may make a part two another day. Hope you enjoyed! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and stay warm!!

Let kindness settle in the spaces between us all