Hi guys! Here I'm again…

Sorry it has been such a long time since I last posted but I have been extremely busy with college. But I’m here again and I came up with this little piece that describes my feelings sometimes. And at the end there is a big announcement so if you want to know what it is keep reading.

The first thing that popped in my mind was sorry for not being enough.
Not enough to stay.
Not enough to love.
I was just not enough and I am sorry for that.
I realized that I could be so much more for you when you left.

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I am sorry for not trying harder.
I am sorry for not fighting.
I am sorry for lying.
I am sorry for protecting you from all the hurt out there.

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I am so sorry for not being there on your most important days.
I am sorry for not chasing after you.
I am sorry I was everything you did not want.
I am sorry I could not give it my all.
But believe me when I say I tried.

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But you know what?
I am not sorry for meeting you.
I am not sorry for loving you.
I am not sorry for caring.
I am not sorry for doing it my way because that is the only way I know.
I am not sorry for trying.

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So this was it for this article! Hope you guys liked it and see you in my next one… xoxo

So the announcement is that I am going to write everyday from December the first to December 25th. I am going to start that month with a winter routine but I would love to get some of your ideas in as well. So if you guys want to sent me a private message you have a big change of seeing your idea back on here! I hope you guys will help me out.

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