name: Venus Rosier
birthday: 9 september 1981
status blood: Pureblood


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My parents were death eaters, they have always been strict with me but they also always loved me. I grow up with their friends' families (Malfoy, Zabini, Nott, ecc.)


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brunette, blue eyes and body goals


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really shy, a little rebel, seductive and ambitious


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grunge style and love to wear skirts


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Hawthorn wood with a dragon heartsting core, 12 3/4" and hard flexibility


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smell like Jasmine flower, chewingum, milk and chocolate and cherry lipgloss


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Favourite subjects

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my favourite subjects are astronomy, history of magic, herbology and potions

Favourite places

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my favourite places are the astronomy tower and the great lake


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a white cat named Sid


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Blaise Zabini, Draco Malfoy, Theodore Nott and Astoria Greengrass. They were my best friends from childhood cause our families used to spend summer together.

Love Interest

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The summer I turned 15, my parents took me to New York and there I met Cirano Lestrange, probably the only boy I've ever loved. When I came back to Hogwarts he started studying there like me. We went step away and then back to being close as we were.
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At my sixth year at Hogwarts I had a flirt with Corman, but then I realized I was still in love with Cirano.

Yule ball

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I went to the ball with Cirano