I offered to watch Lizzie and let Oona and Swan have a day to themselves. They went to see a movie Oona wanted to see.

I walked into Lizzie's room and was surprised to see her awake. "Good morning sleepyhead," I said, walking over to the window to open the blinds. It was cloudy today.

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Lizzie rubbed her eyes and yawned. She's not a morning person. Or an evening person. "Where mommy?" she asked. "She went out with Oona today," I explained. Lizzie hopped off the bed and shuffled over to the window. She peeked outside.

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"What do you want to do today?" I asked. She shrugged and continued to look outside. "How about some breakfast?" I offered. "Not hungry," she replied. This was going to be an interesting day. Astrid and Callie don't get along with Lizzie. No one clicks with Lizzie as of right now. She's a difficult one. "Come on..let's go downstairs," I said. "I don't want to," she said. I sighed. " can't stay in your room all day, though," I told her. I wondered if she wanted to change into tiger form. Maybe that would make her happy. " about I take you out and you can change into your tiger self?" I offered. She turned to look at me with shock all over her face. Is this it? Was that what she wanted? "Really?" she asked. I nodded. She smiled bright and was the happiest I've seen her. "Yes yes yes yes yes," she exclaimed. I smiled. "Okay...first we take a bath then we can go," I said. She ran to the bathroom. I followed. We made progress!