Helloooo i bring you jiho's profile this time, enjoy!

Some of the info i put in here is made up, so dont take it too seriously pls, this is just pure fun.

I added some extra stuff to the original canvas bc im hella extra, i hope you like it.

So without any further, lets begin

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// general

birth name: yang jiho
stage name: jiho
hangul: 양지호 / 지호
meaning: wisdom, knowledge, intelligence
nicknames: ying yang, jihaw, yoda
birthday: october 10
liner: 92
zodiac: libra
birth place: daegu, south korea
nationality: korean
languages: korean, japanese
sexuality: lesbian
blood type: b-
fav color: blue

// apearance

byun jungha and ulzzang image Temporarily removed Image removed byun jungha, model, and stylenanda image

height: 165cm
weight: 47kg
eye color: brown
hair: medium brown
dyed: light brown, natural blonde, blue, dark green
skin: light olive
body type: slim and thin

// style


fashion, outfit, and style image alternative, casual, and cloth image style, fashion, and beauty image fashion and outfit image


fashion, style, and chic image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, body, and black image body, look, and jeans image


outfit image Temporarily removed fashion and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image


outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and clothes image outfit, style, and aesthetic image


Temporarily removed casual, clothes, and kstyle image outfit, fashion, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image


black, fashion, and girl image Temporarily removed red, aesthetic, and car image Image removed

// group

group name: ʙʟᴠᴇ ʀᴏsᴇ (ʙʟᴠʀ)
fandom: keepers (as cindy one said « we are your garden and you are our keepers »
members: eight (age order)

ulzzang, asian, and korean image asia, baby, and christmas image ulzzang, girl, and korean image icon, ulzzang, and korean image aesthetic, icon, and korean image girl, korean, and ulzzang image ulzzang, girl, and icon image girl, asian, and beautiful image
  • yang jiho 양지호 (jiho) 지호 // vocal, dancer, oldest // korean // 92 liner // october 10
  • kim mi-sook 김미숙 (misuk) 미숙 // vocal, visual // korean // 94 liner // may 8
  • park ha-rin 박하린 (harin) 하린 // leader, rapper // korean // 94 liner // october 25
  • im seon-ah 임선아 (sunah) 선아 // main dancer, rapper // korean // 95 liner // december 17
  • jo do-youn 조도연 (jojo) 조조 // main vocal, visual // korean // 96 liner // march 13
  • kang jessie 강제시 (jessie) 제시 // vocal, center, dancer // korean-american // 96 liner // august 12
  • kong wenxing 콩웬싱 (cindy) 신디 // main rapper, dancer // chinese-korean // 97 liner // may 24
  • jeon hyoun-joo 전현주 (hyunju) 현주 // vocal, visual, maknae // korean // 99 liner // july 2

training: started in 2009 (6 years) //  first she was discovered by a cube worker around 2005 but she was not interested back then. later in 2009 another worker of sm saw her on the street and told her to went to an audition, she doubt to go but at the end she decided to give it a try and she became part of the training almost immediately.
colors: black, dark blue, violet and silver
genre: r&b // pop (mix of bp, rv & g-idle)
concept: the duality between the impossible and unreacheable versus accomplishing the impossible, fighting all odds, and new beginnings.
agency: sm enterteinment
debut: june 10, 2015

// inner self


Image removed Felicia Day, geek, and cute image quotes, win, and lose image red, sensitive, and heart image
  • brainy
  • facts addict
  • geek
  • super stressed or super chill, theres no in between
  • competitive af
  • her personal space is v important
  • gets mega excited with scheadules
  • fall asleep anywhere, ANYWHERE
  • cant stand your bullsh*t
  • but v sensitive actually


game, retro, and vintage image clothes, t-shirt, and leia organa image
  • video games
  • techs
  • winning
  • star wars
  • to stay at home
  • peaches (shes obsessed)


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
  • losing
  • spiders
  • bullsh*t
  • heights
  • airplanes
  • v sharp sounds


hipster, indie, and quote image car, luxury, and aesthetic image
  • smart
  • competitive
  • confident
  • frank
  • ambitious
  • clumsy


finland, fun, and kid image aesthetic, vintage, and nike image
  • can beat you at any game for sure
  • tells you every city of korea alphabetically
  • can touch her nose with her tongue
  • squats
  • making scheadules
  • v good at skating

favorite movie theme:

Temporarily removed cinema, films, and mr and mrs smith image
  • science fiction
  • action

fav food:

beef, cheese, and Chicken image bowl, brunch, and diet image
  • chicken noodles
  • any salad

fav drink:

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
  • vanilla latte
  • white wine

life motto:

« find a way or make one »

instagram feed:

girl, ulzzang, and asian image fashion, style, and jeans image ulzzang image girl, ulzzang, and 1993kg image girl, ulzzang, and korean image girl, asian, and alternative image


cartoon, mood, and buttercup image friends, chandler, and quotes image scream queens, emma roberts, and quotes image fun, funny, and me image Mature image always, Best, and better image

// relationships

close friends:

exo, kpop, and suho image Inspiring Image on We Heart It bts, jin, and seokjin image taeyeon, snsd, and girls generation image
  • kim jun-myeon 김준면 (exo)
  • bae joo-hyun 배주현 (rv)
  • kim seok-jin 김석진 (bts)
  • kim tae-yeon 김태연 (snsd)

bff of the group:

fashion and girl image girl, asian, and night image Temporarily removed asian girl, fashion, and kfashion image
misuk (jisuk // misho)


Image removed exid, hani, and kpop image
  • bae joo-hyun 배주현 (rv) // past lovers // first they became friends during their trainee days and started to have a "thing" but they didnt felt it right so they ended it right away (it was kinda like a crush thing), now they are so close they are like sisters.
  • ahn hee-yeon 안희연 (exid) // girlfriend // they both met around february 2017 and started to hang out often, heeyeon was the first one to tell jiho about her feelings and she felt the same way. they had been dating since october 2017 and love each other very much.


yorkshire terrier image dog, puppy, and yorkie image

•°.:   *.°: ~

Next im thinking to make either jessie or misuk, who would you like? im confused