these are the most important things i've learned this year, that everyone needs to know. enjoy. <3


1. people can be temporary

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not everyone who comes into your life is supposed to stick around. some people are there to teach you a lesson and move along, and you need to move on too.

2. do no harm, take no shit

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my sister told me this when an old friend of mine and i were fighting. just be nice to everyone and don't do any harm, but if someone does you wrong or is mean, don't take any shit.

3. put yourself first

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i always put other people first and i suffered a lot from it. everyone has to look out for themselves. you're the most important person in your life.

4. shit happens

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things get hard, people are gonna come in and out of your life, you're gonna get in trouble, shit happens, you gotta deal with it, you'll be good.

5. stand up for yourself

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this goes back to what i said about you being the most important person in your life. people come and go, you only got you so stick up for yourself, don't take any shit.

6. what people say reflects how they feel about themselves

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i had a friend that was toxic as fuck. my sister told me this one too, the shit she was saying to me showed how she felt about herself and stuff she needed to work on, not me.

7. this won't matter in 5 years

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you're gonna go through shit, but chances are it won't matter in 5 years. you're gonna be in a completely new spot. stay strong you're good b.

8. you need to fall in love with yourself

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you're all you got dude. you gotta love yourself, you're gonna be this bitch for the rest of your life, so fall in love with yourself.

9. you can start over at any time

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if you aren't happy about something or the way your life is going, change it. a lot of people forget that you are 100% in control of your life.


and that's that. i hope you enjoyed.

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- alyssa <3