When I love I become time out of time if they ask me to choose millions of things I would only choose your eyes, I would write your name in every corner, but unluckily I’ve melted in my love all the pens, the blue, the green, the red. Until the words of love were formed that I love you when I loved you a new language was found out! When I loved you I said nothing but gathered love adjectives into a suitcase and travelled to your world my love language is a bit different, because it doesn't contain out of 25 letters but actually it contains out of,5 letters and one of them is a symbol which is YOU & I, if I only could arrange the letters as they say I would put you and me together. As long as I love you, they said to love the same sex is forbidden, here I formed the new language of love.they do say love is free we don't get to choose who we love then why some kind of love is forbidden? Is love not for humanity? what if it's forbidden! That doesn't shoot my feelings for you as they do shoot birds down no one has the power to distract love from 2 souls who fall deep.