Hello everyone!

Im back from a long time with some quotes (again).
Hope you like it!!

aesthetic, alternative, and asian image room, cry, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed grunge, quotes, and sad image
1."The worst side of me...I kept it under my skin."
grunge, bridge, and indie image creepy and dark image kpop, voices, and español image stray kids, kpop, and voices image
2."Voices that are tormenting me ,are crying out again..."
car, grunge, and footloose image purple, street, and aesthetic image Image by ... sunset, sky, and aesthetic image
3."Every road we walk on is a red carpet and runaway..."
robot and stars image eyes, space, and galaxy image beauty, constellation, and cosmo image anime, sky, and art image
4."I think I see Milky Way in your eyes.."
ten, nct, and nct u image happy, idols, and korean image neon, real, and sign image days, japan, and real life image
5."We ignore the truth for temporary happieness..."

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