so today I found out that one of my friends wouldn't have even talked to me if it wasn't for a girl who i don't even talk to anymore because i seem a little gangster. I'm honestly serious people don't want to be friends with me because they think I'm hostile, threatening and an angry person. which in all honesty hurts my feelings. I don't know why but i honestly want to cry right now. this may be the reason why i don't have any friends and i feel lonely now. I don't know how to change it it's just who i am as a person I'm quiet i don't like confrontation and i just want to keep to myself so i have no idea where this comes from. I have anxiety and depression so it's not even who I am as a person. i just feel so bad at the moment. i try so hard to be a good person but what's the point if people don't even think that i am a good person. I try and make friends but what is the point if people don't even want to be my friend because they think I'm a different person than who i am.