this is an update on my life although nobody cares!
lately I've been kinda stressed because a lot of new things happened
things that I wanted for so long


last week I got my second tattoo and I love it. it feels like I've always had it on my skin.

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Combat sport

I tried boxing but found it a bit too violent. yeah I got hit in the face several times. but I started doing krav maga and I freaking love it!!! it is really intense and it is what i've been looking for for a while.

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I had a meeting with a cop and applied to be a police reservist at the gendarmerie nationale. I'll have to pass a test and do a military training. I hope I will make it.

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next week I have a class of first aid training! I wanted to do that for a very long time even if I already did some research. medicine is so interesting I'm learning new stuff everyday. and yesterday I went to the emergencies because I hurt myself and it was cool because I love hospitals.

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next week I'm also going to see a movie that I know will make me cry and the actor will be here!

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I just wanted to update my life with pictures because my life is a bit intense at the moment but at least I'm on the right track to become who I want to be and this is really exciting!
whoever reads this,
I love you