I'm always on weheartit but nobody knows anything about me so I thought it would be fun to make an article about myself!
I’m btw already sorry for my bad English , it’s not my first language
 I like to sing but my voice is ugly af, haha
 I like alternative things
 I’m a Christian
 I play the piano and the ukulele
 I freakin love music!
 I listen to many genres like: rap/R&B/soul/ lo-fi
 I would love to have more friends
 I have a little dog called: Jengo
 I love my family
 I don’t really like school, there is always drama and bullshit
 But some subjects I kinda like!
 Cute but psycho
 I want to learn the harmonica
 I’m always open for random chats
 I don’t like spiders
 I love fooooddd
 I’m always trying to be healthy and stay fit but I always fail, lol
I hope you liked it!!!
Maybe there is going to be a part 2.
* My Instagram: jaleesadbx *
Bye xoxo