The house is full of people. It’s good that I brought along food from the kitchen beforehand. Passing by the bedroom of David and mom, I noticed some movement there. And entered with a sigh.

- You can not be here
- I am already leaving
- Claire?
- Hello, Adam

She turned.

- You cry?
- Not
- Let me guess, it’s all about Chase
- None of your business

It has always been a matter of Chace.

Once upon a time, I thought she liked me. She always spent a lot of time with me, but as it turned out, all this time, she was just in my house, just to see Chace more.

- You are my friend
- I thought you liked me
- Yes, I like you. You are a very good person and friend.
- You used me to get close to him!
- In the beginning, yes. But then ... then I really liked to spend time with you. True!
- I do not believe. Go away ...
“Adam ...”
- I said go away! And don't approach me anymore.

So ended the friendship. We saw each other for some time, because we had mutual friends, but after that incident, everyone stopped communicating.