4 months ago I started a theatre course because I have always been interested in this field since I was 16 years old.

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You have to deal very well with different situations. Even if you are not so good at acting, it is an opportunity to improve your skills.

It is a basic course but it is very interesting and our teacher is a professionist.

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We will have also an exhibition the next year.

It is very difficult, we have to do breath exercises, improvisation scenes and conversations.

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I do not think I will become an actress even if it would amazing and stunning, but this course has lots of benefits and it is also useful for dealing with my emotions and also to be more self confident.

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For an intorvert like me it isn't so easy to perform in front of other people, but I try.

That's all, I hope to increase my acting skills and to enjoy it.
Have a nice day.